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Quality tobacco and no goopy chemical casing. After the destruction of Isengardpipe-weed was found among its stores, but the hobbits Merry and Pippin botgom to realized until later the implications of the discovery of Saruman's commerce with the Shire.

Longbottom leaf

Leaf was first grown in the Shire by Tobold Hornblower of Longbottomso the connection of Lont variety to Longbottomand its known association with the Hornblower family, imply that it was one of the earlier kinds of pipe-weed to appear. Try to keep it to a minimum.

No cakeday-related posts. See also Filter by Flair.

What is pipe-weed?

You Ling request lotr-themed gifs here. You pervert. Saruman initially criticized him for this, but eventually took up smoking himself. If you find another post that should be added to this list, feel free to message the moderator team.

Behind tolkien’s books: is hobbit pipe-weed really cannabis?

End of the Bottim War can be found here. Great job guys and I look forward to touring the rest of Middle Earth with you.

The vanilla wanes late-bowl and it gets a little ashen in flavour. It burned all the way down needing only one relight and left a brand new virgin cob dry.

No harrasing or threatening other users for any reason what so ever. Will certainly order from their site again. Crossover memes are allowed, as long as a lotr element is present in them. The first Leaf -grower was Tobold Hornblowerand his family continued the tradition.

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Grassy, long, and a rich quality to the vanilla that made me think of brown sugar. Very smooth. Longbottom in the Southfarthing was the find place in the Shire where pipe-weed was grown, and so Longbottom Leaf must have been one boftom the oldest and most established types if not the bottom variety.

Posts requesting or encouraging any kind of vote manipulation or brigading are not welcome. Very little to say about this blend in the negative.

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Check out this list of retired submissions before posting to make sure it's not in Lnog already. Notes 1 The plant known as Leaf or pipe-weed was introduced into the Shire in about the year III or by the Shire-reckoningso the Longbottom Leaf variety cannot have originated before that date.

This blend puts OTC bottomm Aros to absolute shame. The Virginia is there and has life to it, but you will have to smoke slow and retro-hale to sort it from the obvious topping. Reviewed By. Tag Nsfw-posts as such if needed. Despite its foreign origins, the hobbits were the first to use it for smoking.

Longbottom leaf ale

When Merry and Pippin found barrels of Longbottom Leaf in the ruins of IsengardLnog bore the brand-marks of the Hornblower family. The flavour is long and botttom, though not cheap or boring. I tried to get it to bite out of curiosity and it would not. I chugged my way through this bowl. We are pretty lenient towards reposts, but there are some posts that just get submitted too much to ignore. Excellent for beginners and vanilla VA lovers alike.

But then again, this is a shit-post sub. Merry of Peter Jackson 's films smoking his pipe-weed The Wizard Gandalf learned to smoke bbottom from the Hobbits and was known to blow elaborate smoke-rings. No Advertising No irl-politics.

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Claiming the throne bottpm Gondor is allowed. Pipe-weed production became a major industry in the Shire, especially in the south. Straight forward Virginia with some pleasing vanilla gravy. To summarize, I probably wont buy this again, but it was fun to smoke.