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what is a timeshare
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If you ever find yourself asking, “Just what is a timeshare and how does it work?”, you are not alone.  We found ourselves asking the same question as we considered our family travel options and decided to purchase one in Hawaii for our family.  While we can use our points at many locations, we have yet to venture away from our home resort because our family has fallen in love with the location and our travel traditions experienced at our timeshare.

What is a Timeshare - OC Mentor

Each timeshare works a little bit differently but the overall concept is the same. You are buying the ability to have a specific amount of time and accommodations each year.  After three years of traveling to our “vacation home“, we realized there are many benefits to a timeshare for family travel! 

Consistency and Convenience: Timeshares offer consistency for our family on vacation.  When I say consistency, I don’t mean the same place over and over.  That’s the best part –  we can count on the accommodations and service but change up where we stay to meet our ever changing travel needs and travel bucket list.  Families with children may be surprised at how much their kids appreciate the consistency.  Ours truly look forward to knowing just enough about what to expect.

Timeshares also offer creature comforts of home that make traveling that much more enjoyable.  Having a full kitchen, washer OCMentor Compensation Disclosureand dryer and ample space are invaluable to our family – and allow me to arrive home with clean clothes in a suitcase instead of piles of laundry to do.

Special Attention:  Being a timeshare owner means we get to enjoy the special treatment and perks that come with that status. It’s the little things that a resort will do to let their owners know they appreciate them and everyone in the family will feel it.

Appreciation and vacation = awesome.

No stress of Property Ownership: This is perhaps our most treasured aspect of being timeshare owners.  We can count on everything we love about the accommodations of our second property without cleaning, paying bills, repairs, and stress. WIN-a-Dream-7-Day-FamilyVacation

Reduces Annual Travel Budget:  Another perk of owning a timeshare is that our annual travel budget is reduced because the ownership costs are paid at purchase.  With our property in Hawaii, we travel there far more frequently than we otherwise would because of this benefit.

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  1. Great overview, Amy. We love having a timeshare too, though we’ve only stayed at our actual timeshare location twice. The other eight years we’ve traded it for vacations in Dana Point, Vail and Breckenridge. We love that we aren’t married to one location. Though if we owned in Hawaii, we choose to go there every year too!

  2. Sorry- I have to completely disagree with the whole time share experience. Mine was SOOO bad I gave it back to the time share place I bought it from and took the loss. Here is what happened:
    After checking out several time shares in the Orlando FL area, I saw one that far outshined the others, so with a lot of pressure sales tactics, I bought one. 2nd week in December- all the other good weeks were already taken. That was problem 1- who goes on a family vacation 2 weeks before Christmas when you are saving for gifts? Problem 2- the taxes doubled 6 months later when the construction company finished the site and turned it over to the management company- then the property was reassessed and my taxes doubled. Then, the white time, blue time, red time they use was thrown out because they went to another system that destroyed my ability to deposit the week into a company that managed the extra weeks, so instead of being able to deposit the week right up until my week and use it later, it was graded by when you deposited your week. Then they started sending me “special assessment” charges whenever they wanted to do extra work on the building- what am I paying a yearly fee for, then? Then I tried to swap my deposited weeks for another location, like Hawaii, and it turns out they never have any weeks available. Then I tried to rent the condo, sent in the paperwork, and NEVER got anyone to rent it- at least I think so, they could have rented it out and pocketed the money.

    So all in all, unless you go on vacation EVERY year and you always want to use your own condo, a time share is a BIG mistake. I lost 10K on the deal but at least I’m not still paying for a week that I’m not using and can’t sell or rent

    • Sorry that your experience was not better. From what we have heard the company you purchase with makes a big difference. We have not had any major increasesand it’s been an amazing experience. Sounds like you are better off without this one.


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